Saturday, February 25, 2012

First Email


My first couple of days at the MTC feels like they lasted a week. I've learned a ton of Japanese for being here for only 3 days. My companions name is Elder Koch (pronounced "cook") and he's a pretty sweet dude. He has a good sense of humor and he lived in Japan for ten years so he answers a lot of our questions about the culture and he's also a good resource for help with Japanese. My roommates are Elder Williams and Elder Jones. They're awesome too. My district has ten elders and three sisters total. They are Elder Gibb, Elder Petersen, Elder Price, Elder Galleguillos (have Ian H pronounce that for you b/c it's Argentine), Elder Akau, Elder Carver, Sister Rivers, Sister Davis, and Sister Brotherson. Elders Gibb, Petersen, Jones, Koch, and I are all going to Nagoya. Elders Akau, Carver, Price, Galleguillos and Sisters Rivers, Davis, and Brotherson are going to Kobe. I've been called as district leader so that's exciting and a tad overwhelming. I have a great district and they love to help eachother learn Japanese. We spend at least nine hours every day in the classroom, so when 9:30 rolls around, we're glad to get out of there. I've started to learn Hirigana along with speaking Japanese whenever I can. Our sentences are usually a mix of Japanese and English, but we have started to bear testimonies in Japanese and pray in Japanese as well. I'll be sending a letter with more info as my journey continues at the MTC. Wish me luck!


Sanderson Choro

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sendoff

Well, here it is. Our family has been speculating about this day for years and it finally came and went... in about 90 seconds. Elder Ian looked a little nervous as we pulled in to the MTC, but I think that ended quickly once he got a taste of the rich spirit that was there. I only had a chance to take a few pictures of him hugging everyone goodbye and then TA DA! he was a missionary. I'm so proud of my missionary brother!

 Unloading with the help of the Missionary "Host" after we pulled up.

 Hey, Elder Sanderson!

 Maybe a little sad to say bye to Mom...

 "See ya in two, Dad!"

 Funny face hugging Jillian. 

 Oh yeah, he's going to be just fine.