Saturday, March 31, 2012

Werr Herro!


First of all, Happy Birthday tomorrow, Meg! I can't remember how old you are going to be. 22? Anyway, hope it goes well.

Thanks for all the letters and stuff this week. It's weird to think that I only have about 3 1/2 weeks left at the MTC. Some of our friends from other missions are leaving soon, but BEAU GETS HERE IN FIVE DAYS!!! I'm super stoked! I have been praying to be able to be his host when he gets here, but we'll see what the Lord has in mind. For those of you who don't know what a host is, it's the missionary that picks up the new missionary at the curb. I have some people Beau needs to talk to.

Well I don't know if I included some things in last week's email, so I'll make sure to cover them. I said there is a choir of 364 people going to Gen Conf. I am not, however, included in them. I haven't had enough singing experience. The choir now includes 365 people. Can you guess who the last one is? Yep, Elder David Archuleta. My comp is super pissed! But my comp put nineteen years of car rides and showers as his listed experience, so he needs to get over it. Speaking of Elder Archuleta, he was getting his haircut while my comp was yesterday. My comp talked to him for a couple minutes and was complemented on his good beard genes. When Elder Archuleta walked out of the barber shop, we made eye contact. Sparks flew and I said "Konichiwa," he said "Hola," and chuckled and left. It was pretty hilarious. He's super short and super shy though.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I was released as district leader about a week and a half ago. Elder "Fly Guy" Jones is the district leader now. He is great.

Anyway, I mentioned stuff about tie trading. It's super fun and missionaries here go ape of paisleys. My companions and I laugh because we all thought paisleys were old men ties. I have been asked to trade the black and green paisley tie, but I won't cuz I wore it to Cori's wedding. One Elder said it is one of my "God Ties." He was hilariously serious about tie trading. He would check the brand and the composition (like polyester or silk) before he even thought about trading. I laughed as he bragged about having to Donald Trump brand ties. Tie trading is serious business, apparently. It is super fun to meet other Elders as you trade away old ties for new ones. I also get to go talk to Elder Ryan Cottle (from our home ward) because he is one floor below me. Thanks for sending my ties, so I can get into the game.

My comp and I had to walk to the BYU student clinic on Wednesday because he needed a prescription refilled. It's about three blocks away from the MTC. It was soooooo weird to be in the real world as a missionary. We saw some scantily clad BYU girls jogging and we were like "LOOK AWAY!" I also passed some girls on the way back and they dropped a paper. I just kept walking past them and my comp was like "Way to go Elder." I said, "I'm a missionary! I don't know how to act around girls!" It made us realize how much of a bubble the MTC is.

Well there's not much left to say. Just wanna say to Jill that I want to hear about her new job. It sounds like that new computer Dad got is pretty baller. I did some sealings today at the temple. That was nice. I love you all. Keep on keepin on. If I remember anything else, I'll write home.

Aishitemasu (I love you)

Sanderson Choro

Friday, March 23, 2012

A letter and pictures!


It's been thirty days already?!

This week was great. In sacrament meeting on Sunday, our new 3rd counselor of the branch presidency spoke. He used to be a physical therapist for the Cougars. His name is Brother Butler and he knows Brother Empey! He told a story about a missionary who went to Oakland, CA and had a great influence on a woman because of the love he had for her. He let his name slip out at the end and I was like, "Wait a tick. Who?" I went and talked to Brother Butler and found out that he knows him. Pretty cool!

Our Branch Presidency is President Krueger, Brother Mack, Brother Wadsworth (Pres. Hinckley's nephew), and Brother Butler. They are some pretty cool men.

On Tuesday, our devotional was with Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve. He spoke about having the Spirit with us when we teach and he also spoke a lot about how the Sacrament helps us to have the Holy Ghost. When we were singing prelude hymns, Elder Oaks walked in and we all stood up. I turned to Elder Carver and said, "D. H. Oaks. Q.O.12 NBD" We were laughing so hard we couldn't finish the verse of the Hymn.

My district is in the MTC choir and yes they are going to General Conference next month. The choir can only have 364 people in it, so they had a survey and chose the best candidates. The MTC choir will be singing on Saturday afternoon.

Beau, it sounds like your farewell went smashingly. It's a good thing you spoke about Moroni's Promise. The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit are your most effective tools for conversion. Helping investigators understand Moroni's Promise and challenging them to read the B of M will be the best way to help them come closer to Christ. I hope you're not freaking out too much about being in the MTC in a little less than two weeks. It's a great experience and if I can I'll be there to greet you at the curb.

Subarashii tenki desu ne? (Wonderful weather, right?) I'm lovin it, but we don't get much of it because we're in the classroom all day. My Nihongo is still getting better and I can teach a lot of stuff without notes! TALL Lab is very useful here. It's like Rosetta stone, but it teaches how to teach the gospel. It's nice.

Dad, I'm glad you sold my Rodeo. I read that letter to my companion and we were busting a gut! The part with the broken grammar talking about Mom going four-wheeling was the best! I'm gonna miss your brats n tots. My comp and I were laughing at how you were "commanding the elements with your [farts]"

Thanks for the packages this week. I got a CD and some goodies from Sister Moody. Mom, you read my mind with the Super Bowl Party in a box. I was gonna ask for some salty snacks cuz we eat a ton of candy here.

I forgot to include something about the pictures. The picture with my companion and I in our residence with Elder Akau in the background is pretty cool. My comp and I have the same tie and the same suit. My companion, my roommates, and I went to Mr. Mac so we have some of the same shoes and suits. It's pretty funny.

Well I gotta wrap it up here, but that's my report for the week. Love yous guys.


Sanderson Choro

Ian sent home his SD card. You only get to see 4 though. Apparently he needs to be checked for Parkinson's because the rest are all blurry. It looks like he's doing well though and we're glad to see he's still alive.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm not even in Japan yet!

It's that time of the week again! P Day!

Just as a quick sidenote, Provo Temple breakfast is waaaayyy better than MTC breakfast. An Okinawan man named Amos Nashima dished up breakfast for us. My roommates spoke a little Japanese to him so that was cool. I did initiatories today and one of the temple workers was Wayne Newton. Not really, but he looked and talked like him. He was saying my Japanese was coming in handy because I was a proxy for five French people. He's pretty funny.

This week was good. My comp still has a cough, but I'm well. We had a devotional on Tuesday night from Elder Craig A Cardon of the Seventy. He spoke about the mission of the line of Ephraim. I sang in the choir at the devotional. It turns out I can hold my own as a tenor, so I will probably keep doing choir. We sang Lead, Kindly Light. It was fun to sing with my district members and feel the spirit. Another awesome thing we do at devotionals or firesides is the Called to Serve Fanfare. It's sung as if we're an army marching to the battelfront so the first verse is sung really soft as if the enemy can hear us over the hill. The first chorus is sung softly as well but once we come hit the second verse we sing louder like we just crested the hill. The second chorus is a little louder and when we sing "Called to serve our King" we stand up and sing the chorus again really loud. I can always feel the spirit so strong, it's like I'm about to explode. I can always feel the spirit really well through music like Called to Serve and Army of Helaman.

Anyway, thanks for all the letters and packages. I finally finished off those cookies, Lisa, with the help of my district of course. I'm still workin on those muddy buddies. One Elder in my district has A TON of food, so I get lots of goodies from him too. JoAnn/ Sister Scott, thanks for Elder Scott's address. I haven't written him in a long time and it will be good to get back in touch with him.

My Nihongo improves like ereday. Yesterday I learned how to say "have you ever" type questions. I turned to my comp this morning and said "I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?" in Nihongo. It was hilarious when he figured out the translation. I also learned how to say "Who let the dogs out?" We plan to say that to our sensei this evening.

Pics will be coming home this week so keep an eye peeled. I'll also send my SD card so someone can post them on the blog. I love you guys, keep up the good fight at home!


Sanderson Choro

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another letter in the mail!

Loved Ones!

I hope you are well. Things are fantastic here. I had to teach at the TRC today. It was a little shaky for our first visit, but the second one was fine. We got some feedback from our "investigators," so that was helpful. The people we taught were also very nice and patient and they spoke English to us if we had trouble understanding.

Dad, I hope you're droppin' L-B's (pounds) because the food here and sitting down at lest eight hours a day is putting some L-B's on me. I'll start droppin' lbs. when I ride my bike 40 km/day. Jillybean, I miss you. We have grown really close over the last few years living it up at AF high and slingin' ice cream at Coldstone. You're my favorite little sister ever. I love you, so be safe.

My comp is jealous of me and all my stories I have of people on missions. I've told him at least ten about dad, Ian, Chris, Johnny, Bro. Wynn, etc. My comp is complaining about this sister who keeps flirting with him. For not liking flirting with her, he sure likes flirting with her. It's pretty funny.

Night gym is pretty amazing. We have it on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We always play volleyball, but it's way fun to just hang around with other missionaries and talk because the line is so long. One sister who plays with us makes animal calls before she serves the ball. It's hilarious. One of the best things about night gym is we get back to the residence hall 30 minutes early. It's nice to just hang out after getting pumped up at the gym.

Tell Lisa thanks for the muddy buddies and my favorite cookies. They're tasty with the BYU creamery milk.

The Sempai (seniors), or the missionaries who have been here since December, leave tomorrow morning. That makes us the Sempai, so that's cool. Good luck to them.

Well, now I must bid you adieu. Love you all

Sanderson Choro

Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 1/2 weeks and lovin' it

Hey Family and Friends,

Thanks for all the letters I've been receiving through and snail mail. It's nice getting mail and having a plug in to "the other side".

I'd like to wish a very extra fantastic super happy birthday to Kimberlee Ann Sorensen, who will be turning nineteen on March 11th. Don't worry Kim, I'll send you a letter.

Anyway, the MTC is going great. Mom wrote me this week asking me a lot of questions, so I'll do my best to remember them all. If I miss any I'll write home about them later today. My companion, Elder Koch, is from Misawa, Japan, but he has been going to BYU Provo for the fall semester last year. His family currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany because his dad teaches in the military. My roommates, Elders Jones and Williams, are from Logan, Utah and Colorado Springs, Colorado respectively. Elder "Ponyboy" Gibb (he looks like Ponyboy Curtis from the Outsiders) is from Prescott, AZ. His comp, Elder Petersen, is from Beaver, UT. Elder Galleguillos is from Provo and his comp, Elder Price, is from Reno, NV. Elder Carver is from Huntington Beach, CA, so he is not quite enjoying the brisk mornings of Provo. His comp, Elder Akau, is from Hawaii, so he is usually bundled up pretty good too. Sister Brotherson is from Roosevelt, UT, Sister Davis is from Salem, and Sister Rivers is from Nashville.

My District is doing pretty well which means our prayers are being answered. Please pray for Elder Akau because he has a hard time seeing his potential and why he is here. Our Sempai (Seniors) leave on Monday which includes our ZLs and about half of our branch. They are going to Fukuoka, Sendai, and Saporo missions, I do believe.

One thing that I really look forward to everyday is Gym time. Volleyball is hilariously fun with a lot of less-than-average players. There are two courts in the gym; one for the less experienced players and one for the crazy good players. It's insane to watch the good players play because their rallies are always really intense with a lot of spikes, dives, and a volleyball moving at a frightening speed.

Jill, I hope you are having fun in school and I am praying for you to understand your math homework. I really am. I hope you get a sweet new job that you love like working with Jenn at Roxberry. :D Love ya, lil sis.

That goes for the rest of you. I'm prayin for ya, and thanks for prayin for me. Someone send me Elder Scott's address.

Love you,

Sanderson Choro

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A letter to the family

We got a letter in the mail today!

Kazoku, (Family),
How are you doing? I must be brief, but I have to tell you what is on my mind. I did write some of this to Cori and Ian, though.

Today was Fast Sunday. Instead of priesthood meeting, we had a two hour mission conference. It was great to listen to the MTC presidency. The MTC president, President Brown, spoke about the atonement of Christ in great detail. He referred to Jesus The Christ many times. It made me very thankful for my older brother and the sacrifice he made for us.

Alex Boye` spoke at our evening fireside tonight. (Yes, Lisa, be jealous.) he told us his conversion story and how his manager at McDonalds in London tried to convert him. He mentioned some funny stereotypes about chicken and his African heritage. He also spoke about how we become what we think about most and how we need to take care of what the Lord needs taken care of.

After the fireside, we watched a past talk from Elder Bednar. He spoke about discerning between the Holy Ghost and your own thoughts. He said if you get to work, keep your covenants and commandments, do your very best, and press forward with faith in Christ, you will be guided to where you need to be when need to be. He also said the closer we draw to Christ, the more He trusts us to act like him. It's so great to feel the Spirit all the time and know how to respond. It reminds me of what Joseph Smith said, "How can we not go on in so great a cause?".

The MTC is sooooooooooo awesome! How can anyone hate it? We have constant exposure to the Spirit and we are constantly being taught by him. With all the opportunity we have to be taught by ordained men of God and have access to the knowledge of God, there is now way anyone can hate it! Now some RM's out there might say, "Well my companion was an immature loser." I have a companionship in my district that I work with daily. Love is all you need.
Beau, I feel I need to direct this paragraph to you because you will be in the MTC in a month (HOREY MOREY DESU!) Happiness is what you make it. Forget the bad things and focus on the good. Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to be with you and pray to feel Heavenly Father's love for your companion and your district. Your first few days will be scary because they will put you in a Korean class where the teacher doesn't speak English to you. Daijobu desu yo. (It's ok.) The MTC is a period of change, growth, and learning. I know you can do it.

Things are going great, if you can't tell. I love you all very much. I learn more Japanese every day and grow more in the Gospel and in life every day.

Love you,

Sanderson Choro.

P.S. I wouldn't mind some pics of my family and friends I'm representing out here :).

Friday, March 2, 2012

2nd week, We Built This Schmitty


Just for future reference my pday is on Friday and I'll be able to check my email at about 3:00 on my pday. The MTC is great. The days are just clicking by, so that's nice. I am used to being a DL now and my district is pretty awesome. Every week I have meetings on Sunday morning and Tuesday night. I also have to interview every senior companion Elder in my district. I have to write district reports every Monday, but it's no big deal.

My most recent happening at the MTC was quite an event. Wednesday night my district was playin volleyball in gym and I jumped for a ball, came down on a sister, and (If that's not bad enough) rolled my ankle somethin fierce. I couldn't even walk off the court. So I had to hobble on some crutches through the snow and then hop on one foot up four flights of stairs to my abode. Thursday morning I had to do some physical training with my ankle. Let's just say it wasnt the best experience of my life. I had to dunk my ankle in a bucket of ice until it went numb and then write the ABCs, with my foot, uppercase and lowercase, three times each. Then I had to do fifty crosses to the right and fifty to the left. Through the whole process I had to make sure to re-numb my foot, so the repeated ice bath on my foot was pretty intense. My ankle's a lot better now, but I'm still not quite 100%.

My Japanese is going great. I can introduce myself, bear my testimony, and pray in Nihongo (Japanese). At leadership training on Tuesday night I was complimented on how good my prayer was. The Nihonjin (Japanese Person) behind me was super impressed. It was kinda funny. It also helped me realize that I have started to feel the spirit in Nihongo. At first I was too focused on what to say, not what I'm saying. Now that I know what to say, it's easier for me to feel the spirit and teach others.

We have been teaching an investigator since Friday, but come to find out he's actually one of our teachers. Elder Akau was pretty mad because he worked pretty hard to commit him to baptism. He taught us an Engrish word yesterday. Gomene-sorry. Instead of the Nihongo word for sorry, "gomenesai." Pretty funny.

Dad, to answer your questions, the chow is fine. Beats the crap out of AFHS at least and the choco milk is good. And, yes, there are people in my district skilled in the flatuary arts and yes the food is good fart fuel.

Just thought I'd leave you all with that. I love you all and keep praying for me because it is definitely helping.


Sanderson Choro

I forgot to tell you something!!

One of my roommates is Jones Choro. He is the best friend I've never met. He's basically the flyest thing that ever happened to planet earth. He has an awesome sense of humor and he loves to play airsoft, but wait there's more. He plays StarCraft!!! How hilariously awesome is that?! He's also going to Nagoya so we might be companions out there sometime.

I told my district that whenever I see one of them in Nagoya (there are five including me), we will low five like fifty times and freak out a bunch of Nigonjin because of how excited we are.

There is also another gamer in my district, Gibb Choro, so we bond pretty good too.

Well my timer is up, but love you guys!

Sanderson Choro