Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another letter in the mail!

Loved Ones!

I hope you are well. Things are fantastic here. I had to teach at the TRC today. It was a little shaky for our first visit, but the second one was fine. We got some feedback from our "investigators," so that was helpful. The people we taught were also very nice and patient and they spoke English to us if we had trouble understanding.

Dad, I hope you're droppin' L-B's (pounds) because the food here and sitting down at lest eight hours a day is putting some L-B's on me. I'll start droppin' lbs. when I ride my bike 40 km/day. Jillybean, I miss you. We have grown really close over the last few years living it up at AF high and slingin' ice cream at Coldstone. You're my favorite little sister ever. I love you, so be safe.

My comp is jealous of me and all my stories I have of people on missions. I've told him at least ten about dad, Ian, Chris, Johnny, Bro. Wynn, etc. My comp is complaining about this sister who keeps flirting with him. For not liking flirting with her, he sure likes flirting with her. It's pretty funny.

Night gym is pretty amazing. We have it on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We always play volleyball, but it's way fun to just hang around with other missionaries and talk because the line is so long. One sister who plays with us makes animal calls before she serves the ball. It's hilarious. One of the best things about night gym is we get back to the residence hall 30 minutes early. It's nice to just hang out after getting pumped up at the gym.

Tell Lisa thanks for the muddy buddies and my favorite cookies. They're tasty with the BYU creamery milk.

The Sempai (seniors), or the missionaries who have been here since December, leave tomorrow morning. That makes us the Sempai, so that's cool. Good luck to them.

Well, now I must bid you adieu. Love you all

Sanderson Choro

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