Friday, March 23, 2012

A letter and pictures!


It's been thirty days already?!

This week was great. In sacrament meeting on Sunday, our new 3rd counselor of the branch presidency spoke. He used to be a physical therapist for the Cougars. His name is Brother Butler and he knows Brother Empey! He told a story about a missionary who went to Oakland, CA and had a great influence on a woman because of the love he had for her. He let his name slip out at the end and I was like, "Wait a tick. Who?" I went and talked to Brother Butler and found out that he knows him. Pretty cool!

Our Branch Presidency is President Krueger, Brother Mack, Brother Wadsworth (Pres. Hinckley's nephew), and Brother Butler. They are some pretty cool men.

On Tuesday, our devotional was with Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve. He spoke about having the Spirit with us when we teach and he also spoke a lot about how the Sacrament helps us to have the Holy Ghost. When we were singing prelude hymns, Elder Oaks walked in and we all stood up. I turned to Elder Carver and said, "D. H. Oaks. Q.O.12 NBD" We were laughing so hard we couldn't finish the verse of the Hymn.

My district is in the MTC choir and yes they are going to General Conference next month. The choir can only have 364 people in it, so they had a survey and chose the best candidates. The MTC choir will be singing on Saturday afternoon.

Beau, it sounds like your farewell went smashingly. It's a good thing you spoke about Moroni's Promise. The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit are your most effective tools for conversion. Helping investigators understand Moroni's Promise and challenging them to read the B of M will be the best way to help them come closer to Christ. I hope you're not freaking out too much about being in the MTC in a little less than two weeks. It's a great experience and if I can I'll be there to greet you at the curb.

Subarashii tenki desu ne? (Wonderful weather, right?) I'm lovin it, but we don't get much of it because we're in the classroom all day. My Nihongo is still getting better and I can teach a lot of stuff without notes! TALL Lab is very useful here. It's like Rosetta stone, but it teaches how to teach the gospel. It's nice.

Dad, I'm glad you sold my Rodeo. I read that letter to my companion and we were busting a gut! The part with the broken grammar talking about Mom going four-wheeling was the best! I'm gonna miss your brats n tots. My comp and I were laughing at how you were "commanding the elements with your [farts]"

Thanks for the packages this week. I got a CD and some goodies from Sister Moody. Mom, you read my mind with the Super Bowl Party in a box. I was gonna ask for some salty snacks cuz we eat a ton of candy here.

I forgot to include something about the pictures. The picture with my companion and I in our residence with Elder Akau in the background is pretty cool. My comp and I have the same tie and the same suit. My companion, my roommates, and I went to Mr. Mac so we have some of the same shoes and suits. It's pretty funny.

Well I gotta wrap it up here, but that's my report for the week. Love yous guys.


Sanderson Choro

Ian sent home his SD card. You only get to see 4 though. Apparently he needs to be checked for Parkinson's because the rest are all blurry. It looks like he's doing well though and we're glad to see he's still alive.

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