Friday, March 2, 2012

2nd week, We Built This Schmitty


Just for future reference my pday is on Friday and I'll be able to check my email at about 3:00 on my pday. The MTC is great. The days are just clicking by, so that's nice. I am used to being a DL now and my district is pretty awesome. Every week I have meetings on Sunday morning and Tuesday night. I also have to interview every senior companion Elder in my district. I have to write district reports every Monday, but it's no big deal.

My most recent happening at the MTC was quite an event. Wednesday night my district was playin volleyball in gym and I jumped for a ball, came down on a sister, and (If that's not bad enough) rolled my ankle somethin fierce. I couldn't even walk off the court. So I had to hobble on some crutches through the snow and then hop on one foot up four flights of stairs to my abode. Thursday morning I had to do some physical training with my ankle. Let's just say it wasnt the best experience of my life. I had to dunk my ankle in a bucket of ice until it went numb and then write the ABCs, with my foot, uppercase and lowercase, three times each. Then I had to do fifty crosses to the right and fifty to the left. Through the whole process I had to make sure to re-numb my foot, so the repeated ice bath on my foot was pretty intense. My ankle's a lot better now, but I'm still not quite 100%.

My Japanese is going great. I can introduce myself, bear my testimony, and pray in Nihongo (Japanese). At leadership training on Tuesday night I was complimented on how good my prayer was. The Nihonjin (Japanese Person) behind me was super impressed. It was kinda funny. It also helped me realize that I have started to feel the spirit in Nihongo. At first I was too focused on what to say, not what I'm saying. Now that I know what to say, it's easier for me to feel the spirit and teach others.

We have been teaching an investigator since Friday, but come to find out he's actually one of our teachers. Elder Akau was pretty mad because he worked pretty hard to commit him to baptism. He taught us an Engrish word yesterday. Gomene-sorry. Instead of the Nihongo word for sorry, "gomenesai." Pretty funny.

Dad, to answer your questions, the chow is fine. Beats the crap out of AFHS at least and the choco milk is good. And, yes, there are people in my district skilled in the flatuary arts and yes the food is good fart fuel.

Just thought I'd leave you all with that. I love you all and keep praying for me because it is definitely helping.


Sanderson Choro

I forgot to tell you something!!

One of my roommates is Jones Choro. He is the best friend I've never met. He's basically the flyest thing that ever happened to planet earth. He has an awesome sense of humor and he loves to play airsoft, but wait there's more. He plays StarCraft!!! How hilariously awesome is that?! He's also going to Nagoya so we might be companions out there sometime.

I told my district that whenever I see one of them in Nagoya (there are five including me), we will low five like fifty times and freak out a bunch of Nigonjin because of how excited we are.

There is also another gamer in my district, Gibb Choro, so we bond pretty good too.

Well my timer is up, but love you guys!

Sanderson Choro

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