Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 1/2 weeks and lovin' it

Hey Family and Friends,

Thanks for all the letters I've been receiving through and snail mail. It's nice getting mail and having a plug in to "the other side".

I'd like to wish a very extra fantastic super happy birthday to Kimberlee Ann Sorensen, who will be turning nineteen on March 11th. Don't worry Kim, I'll send you a letter.

Anyway, the MTC is going great. Mom wrote me this week asking me a lot of questions, so I'll do my best to remember them all. If I miss any I'll write home about them later today. My companion, Elder Koch, is from Misawa, Japan, but he has been going to BYU Provo for the fall semester last year. His family currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany because his dad teaches in the military. My roommates, Elders Jones and Williams, are from Logan, Utah and Colorado Springs, Colorado respectively. Elder "Ponyboy" Gibb (he looks like Ponyboy Curtis from the Outsiders) is from Prescott, AZ. His comp, Elder Petersen, is from Beaver, UT. Elder Galleguillos is from Provo and his comp, Elder Price, is from Reno, NV. Elder Carver is from Huntington Beach, CA, so he is not quite enjoying the brisk mornings of Provo. His comp, Elder Akau, is from Hawaii, so he is usually bundled up pretty good too. Sister Brotherson is from Roosevelt, UT, Sister Davis is from Salem, and Sister Rivers is from Nashville.

My District is doing pretty well which means our prayers are being answered. Please pray for Elder Akau because he has a hard time seeing his potential and why he is here. Our Sempai (Seniors) leave on Monday which includes our ZLs and about half of our branch. They are going to Fukuoka, Sendai, and Saporo missions, I do believe.

One thing that I really look forward to everyday is Gym time. Volleyball is hilariously fun with a lot of less-than-average players. There are two courts in the gym; one for the less experienced players and one for the crazy good players. It's insane to watch the good players play because their rallies are always really intense with a lot of spikes, dives, and a volleyball moving at a frightening speed.

Jill, I hope you are having fun in school and I am praying for you to understand your math homework. I really am. I hope you get a sweet new job that you love like working with Jenn at Roxberry. :D Love ya, lil sis.

That goes for the rest of you. I'm prayin for ya, and thanks for prayin for me. Someone send me Elder Scott's address.

Love you,

Sanderson Choro

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