Saturday, March 31, 2012

Werr Herro!


First of all, Happy Birthday tomorrow, Meg! I can't remember how old you are going to be. 22? Anyway, hope it goes well.

Thanks for all the letters and stuff this week. It's weird to think that I only have about 3 1/2 weeks left at the MTC. Some of our friends from other missions are leaving soon, but BEAU GETS HERE IN FIVE DAYS!!! I'm super stoked! I have been praying to be able to be his host when he gets here, but we'll see what the Lord has in mind. For those of you who don't know what a host is, it's the missionary that picks up the new missionary at the curb. I have some people Beau needs to talk to.

Well I don't know if I included some things in last week's email, so I'll make sure to cover them. I said there is a choir of 364 people going to Gen Conf. I am not, however, included in them. I haven't had enough singing experience. The choir now includes 365 people. Can you guess who the last one is? Yep, Elder David Archuleta. My comp is super pissed! But my comp put nineteen years of car rides and showers as his listed experience, so he needs to get over it. Speaking of Elder Archuleta, he was getting his haircut while my comp was yesterday. My comp talked to him for a couple minutes and was complemented on his good beard genes. When Elder Archuleta walked out of the barber shop, we made eye contact. Sparks flew and I said "Konichiwa," he said "Hola," and chuckled and left. It was pretty hilarious. He's super short and super shy though.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I was released as district leader about a week and a half ago. Elder "Fly Guy" Jones is the district leader now. He is great.

Anyway, I mentioned stuff about tie trading. It's super fun and missionaries here go ape of paisleys. My companions and I laugh because we all thought paisleys were old men ties. I have been asked to trade the black and green paisley tie, but I won't cuz I wore it to Cori's wedding. One Elder said it is one of my "God Ties." He was hilariously serious about tie trading. He would check the brand and the composition (like polyester or silk) before he even thought about trading. I laughed as he bragged about having to Donald Trump brand ties. Tie trading is serious business, apparently. It is super fun to meet other Elders as you trade away old ties for new ones. I also get to go talk to Elder Ryan Cottle (from our home ward) because he is one floor below me. Thanks for sending my ties, so I can get into the game.

My comp and I had to walk to the BYU student clinic on Wednesday because he needed a prescription refilled. It's about three blocks away from the MTC. It was soooooo weird to be in the real world as a missionary. We saw some scantily clad BYU girls jogging and we were like "LOOK AWAY!" I also passed some girls on the way back and they dropped a paper. I just kept walking past them and my comp was like "Way to go Elder." I said, "I'm a missionary! I don't know how to act around girls!" It made us realize how much of a bubble the MTC is.

Well there's not much left to say. Just wanna say to Jill that I want to hear about her new job. It sounds like that new computer Dad got is pretty baller. I did some sealings today at the temple. That was nice. I love you all. Keep on keepin on. If I remember anything else, I'll write home.

Aishitemasu (I love you)

Sanderson Choro

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