Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sendoff

Well, here it is. Our family has been speculating about this day for years and it finally came and went... in about 90 seconds. Elder Ian looked a little nervous as we pulled in to the MTC, but I think that ended quickly once he got a taste of the rich spirit that was there. I only had a chance to take a few pictures of him hugging everyone goodbye and then TA DA! he was a missionary. I'm so proud of my missionary brother!

 Unloading with the help of the Missionary "Host" after we pulled up.

 Hey, Elder Sanderson!

 Maybe a little sad to say bye to Mom...

 "See ya in two, Dad!"

 Funny face hugging Jillian. 

 Oh yeah, he's going to be just fine.

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  1. Amazing pictures Cori! He looks so happy and nervous! I bawled my eyes out looking at these pictures. We're so proud of him!