Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hehhhh?! Gaijin desu ne?! (You're a foreigner, aren't you?)

Konnichiwa, minasan!

I got travel plans this week!! Woohoo! Nihon ni ikimasho!!!! (Let's go to Japan!) I leave Monday, April 23 at 4:00 am. I'm super stoked! We talked to a temple worker who went to Tokyo on his mission. It was great to hear about his experience as he first got there and how he came to really understand Nihongo. Today I am on a split with Williams 長老 (Choro) and Jones 長老 because my companion, Koch 長老, is in Salt Lake doing an endowment session there until 3:00. The MTC thinks he is from Germany because his family lives there now. That's why he gets to go there today.

Easter Sunday was baller. President Boyd K. Packer and his son, Elder Alan Packer, spoke to us. President Packer spoke about replacing fear with faith. Something I'll need to do when I get to Nihon, for sure. On Sunday night the BYU Men's Choir came and sang for us. They sang great hymns and also some folk tunes from Israel. They also sang the popular Mexican folk song "La Cucaracha" with fake moustaches. It was phenominal! I realized how strong I feel the Spirit when I listen to music. It makes me greatful for hymns, even though I do miss normal music every once in a while. I really like to sing hymns when I am walking around campus just to keep the Spirit with me.

Tuesday night's devotional was with Bishop McMullin, who was recently released. He and his wife spoke the Holy Ghost a lot. I definitely learned a lot about recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Bishop McMullin reminded me of Sister McMullin in our ward. Only because of the name, but I think I should say hi to Sister McMullin and wish her and her family well. That was just something I thought I should do.

Tonikaku (Anyway), I hosted new missionaries on Wednesday, and I get to again this Wednesday. It's pretty fun to see families say goodbye to their son or daughter. They are always emotional of course, but one crying mother said to us, "This is the best thing I have ever done." It kind of caught me off guard, but then I said, "He's in the right place." There is really no better place to be right now in a time like this. Doing the Lord's work is so much fun! I get to help people come closer to our Savior. What better calling is there?! I thought about that mother as I wrote in my journal that night. It was interesting to me how she has already recognized the blessings of her son serving a mission. I hope all you guys have too. I know that I am being blessed for sure!

This week (I think it was Monday), Kim sent me an Easter Egg full of Warhead candies. With the candy came a challenge. The challenge was to spray 4 sprays of the Warhead spray and immediately follow it with 5 warhead hard candies. After the sour flavor was gone, I had to throw in 6 sour gummy cubes. My companion also threw in a bonus round of four more sprays of sour spray. Fun times. I'll mail home the pics we took. They're pretty intense. My tongue was pretty dead after that.

Well I hope all is well. If I forgot anything, I'll write home later. I wanna hear about Jill's new wheels, if she got some yet. I hope you all have a nice week. I'll write home on Saturday next week, because we have In-Field Training on Friday next week.

I love you all!

サンダーソン 長老
(Elder Sanderson)

 The Elder Sandersons at the Provo Temple

 Best buds for life!

Beau's district + Ian 

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