Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Fazzah’s Day!

Hey Howdy Hey!

Thanks for all the emails! And the package. It got here in ten days. The CDs are awesome and the sour gummy worms were AMAZING! Feel free to send more of those whenever you want to. My comp said he hasn't seen sour gummy worms in Japan, so I might miss those. Guess what? This week was good! After our Pday on Monday, we dendo'd with a recent convert for a couple of hours. He wants to be a missionary so it was cool for him to contact people with us. On Tuesday, we went to visit Hiromi-chan and her mom and found two new investigators in their apartment building. One, Ayoko, is from Brazil. We got the cops called on us for being to loud while talking to her on Thursday.

Our Ward Mission Leader is such a beast! His name is Brother Nishimura. He is a convert of two years and is so willing to help the missionaries. He goes to lessons with us about four times per week and drives us everywhere. He is such a good example to us and makes us want to treat missionaries well back at home.

On Wednesday, we had an FHE with a member and her non-member husband. It was a good lesson and gave us a good chance to build our relationship with them. They gave me a new Kanji name though. It's epic! 雷尊 It means Thunder and Noble or Royal. Sanda (Thunder) son. Killer. On Thursday, we had lessons with four investigators! Three were with Nishimura Kyodai, too!

Meg, here is where I'll answer your question. My favorite scripture (this week) is Mosiah 2:41. It talks about the blessed and happy state of the people who keep the commandments. It talks about how we will gain eternal life for living righteously. I advise you to study it for yourself. That was one of the scriptures we read with an investigator on Thursday.

Friday, we had more training in Meito! We were taught how to interact with investigators, ward members, and ward leaders in order to maximize effectiveness of our dendo. It was really good. We had an FHE demo from President Baird and he busted out the Spirit like a G. After the training, Duarte Choro turned to me and said something in Portuguese. I just looked at him and said, "I don't speak Portuguese." All of the Elders around us started laughing as Duarte Choro realized he was speaking the wrong language. He has been mixed up this week because he has talked to Brazilian Elders and investigators, Me, and Japanese people. His language center in his brain must be going insane.

Saturday was rainy, but we had a basketball activity at a gym. There weren't a ton of people there, but it was good because we built our relationship with the less-active member who came. He is way good at basketball. Yesterday was nice and sunny. We had Hiromi-chan at church which means if she comes one more time she can be baptized! We have her scheduled for the 1st of  July. Woohoo! The rest of the day was planning and visiting an investigator, but he was busy. We will try him again tonite. I also go on another exchange tonite. Dunn Choro (who is from Heber) is gonna kick it in Kasugai with me until tomorrow.

In the field, the missionaries use funny vocabulary for different things. Since I am only in my second transfer I am still "young." A missionary's trainer is his "dad" and his second companion is his "mom." When you are near the end of your mission, you are "old." When you go home, you "die." I was a little scared the first time I heard Elder Clark tell me that a missionary "died" in Seto.

I'm learning more and more everyday. Japan and the people are amazing. The Lord blesses his missionaries. With Christ, we can do all things. I love you all and thank you for your support while I am out here.


Elder Sanderson

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