Tuesday, October 16, 2012

With each death comes new life

Heyya family & friends!

So about the subject line this week. Duarte Choro "died" this week. For those of you who need a reminder, he was my trainer. It was sad, but he lived to see his "grandson", Gillespie Choro. The new life is Gillespie Choro's birthday! It was on October 14th. We got to watch conference, go dendo, then eat spaghetti and make birthday cake. It was so much fun. He said it was a great birthday.

Who loved General Conference? Ooohh, ooh, pick me. Me, me, me, me, me! I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk in the Saturday AM Session and Elder Christopherson's talk in Priesthood session. President Monson's and Elder Holland's talks were really good, too. It's hard to pick a favorite. It was fun to watch, because it was just me and my companion watching it on Jindo Kaicho's computer at the church while it was on in Japanese in the other room. All the other missionaries went to Nagoya, but it is kind of far for us, so we watched it here.

This week at district meeting, a member from Kasugai came. He is preparing for a mission. Actually, I have mentioned him before. His name is Kan-kun. Our meeting was in English, so I told him I would translate for him. I translated about 85% of the whole hour-and-a-half meeting for him. It was so cool to see the Spirit help me know how to say what was being said, while continuing to listen in English. And then if I would miss a part I would summarize it to him in Japanese and Kan-kun said he got a lot out of it. Man isn't this Gospel awesome?

Dendo was good this week. No new investigators yet, but a lot of potentials. One such man called us on Sunday morning and said he wants to study Christianity. We took that as a sign from Heavenly Father saying that He's gonna help us out a lot this week. We are very optimistic to say the least.

The work is moving here in Nakatsugawa. I can feel that it's going to erupt like a volcano soon. I am so glad to have Elder Gillespie as my companion. He really loves Nakatsugawa and together we are working hard and trying our best to be worthy of Heavenly Father's help. We have set a goal to get a baptism this transfer and we have told Jindo Kaicho as well.

I hope things are fantastic back home. Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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