Monday, March 11, 2013

I am your singing telegram...

Dear Familyses,

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This week was great! We had at least one lesson per day, got a new investigator, and got a soft yakusokusha! We found a new investigator this past week and his name is Yamashita-san. He is home all the time so we have had two lessons with him already and another appointment on Friday. Wada-san accepted the invitation to be baptized when she knows the church is true. We hope to set a date with her soon, but until then she is reading the Book of Mormon and praying. We had a great interaction with a member and her non-member husband, the Hirano family. We went over for dinner last night and just talked to the husband. After dinner, Hirano Shimai (the wife) turned to her daughter and said, "You are a member, so you've never seen a missionary lesson, right?" Then she turned to us and we just jumped into the Restoration. We taught all of Lesson 1 and involved the non-member husband really well. He would've been a new investigator had we set a concrete return appointment. But I don't think it will be difficult to meet with the Hirano Family again soon.
Sister Baird's (Mission President's Wife)  Birthday Pic

So it's getting pretty hot in Shizuoka prefecture right about now. We're counting down the days until we retire the suit coats. Short sleeves are gonna be nice. We already wear short sleeves under our suits because its warm.

One awesome thing about Japan that I will probably be complaining about America for for the rest of my life is that Japan doesn't do daylight savings and America does. I figure God made the world, so let's just let it turn and not change the amount of time I sleep. Sounds good to me.

So we had transfer calls today...

I'm staying in Fuji and Tsukamoto Choro is headed to Inuyama. It's kind of sad to see my baby leave me behind, but he's gonna do great. My new companion is... Actually, I don't know yet. Because I'm training again! I'm like the freakin' Brady Bunch, missionary style. My third baby with two in a row. I'm still district leader, too. My district is changing a little bit. Sister Breck is going to open up Kanazawa Sister area with Yamada Shimai, a sister who came to Japan with me. (We call that "doki") Yamada Shimai is in my doki. Fujisawa Shimai in Shizuoka will be training again. So two more beans in our district and The Numazu Elders (Roney Choro and Perkins Choro) are the same. It's gonna be some good times down here in Fuji District.

Well that's kind of the headlines this week. Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Birthday, Sister Baird! Happy Birthday, Hermana Sorensen!  (I don't know if they'll see that) Love you all.


My favorite companion, Elder Perkins,  and me
Elder Sanderson

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