Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm on the Radio

Well it's been another good week. I hope you don't think my weeks are perfect when I say that every week. We're taught in the Book of Mormon that there must be opposition in all things, so of course there are downs to every week, but the ups make it all the better and all the worthwhile.

My companion and I were on the radio this week! A member in Fuji works for the radio, so we got hooked up. I was super nervous speaking Japanese over the air waves, but it was really fun. The radio personality, Taguchi-san, was really fun, too. I got a pic to prove it. We went on air to advertise English Class. Taguchi-san said she remembers since she was a little girl seeing foreigners riding mountain bikes in suits and bike helmets. When we were riding home, a man came up to us and said he heard us on the radio! If Taguchi-san didn't say what she did, that guy wouldn't have given us a second look. It was so cool!

I got the packages from Megan and Cori this week. Thanks for the shirts and the goodies. Feel free to keep 'em coming. ;)

We invited Inaba-san to receive baptism this week. He's still mada mada about it. We did learn a lot about him from it and he is meeting with us on a weekly basis now, so there's an upside. We also were able to meet Shimizu-san for the first time in 2 months and she is ready to meet with us more now. She said her Monomi no To (a Christian religion) Bible she has is harder to understand the Book of Mormon and she wants to study the Book of Mormon. We have been meeting with Yamashita-san at least twice per week and we meet with Kawai-san about once a week. Our schedule is full, so we have some good teaching going on. It's just a challenge to help investigators keep commitments. Still working on becoming a Master Teacher.

We had at least one miracle this week. We have recently received a list of all the less-active members of Fuji ward and we usually go to visit one and 10x. On Saturday morning we went to visit a less-active member and then began 10x-ing. We knocked on the apartment next door and a woman who we found out couldn't speak Japanese or English answered the door. I said "Brazil?" and she said something regarding an affirmative response. So I told her the name of the church in Portuguese and she recognized it. I gave her a pass-along card with Elder Milder's name and phone number on it in Fujieda because he is Brazilian. When we got home for lunch, I got a call from Elder Milder saying the lady called him. She is a member that used to live in Tokyo, but moved for work. She wants to come to church and wants us to visit more. It's a good thing there are members who can communicate with her in our ward. I might pick up a little Portuguese, too.

We had leadership training this week and found out that every sister in our mission is going to become a trainer by the end of the summer. Pretty crazy. Our Sisters are going to double.

That's kind of the report for this week. Hope your week was good, too.


Elder Sanderson

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