Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Week Gone?!

Herro Prease,

What a week! We found two new investigators this week. We had to drop some that weren't really going anywhere, but the new investigators are pretty good. One woman, Iwai Shimai, was found through some housing near a member's house and another was a PI last week that became an investigator this week named Puja. Puja is from Nepal. When we went to see her this Saturday, her husband wasn't home so we couldn't go into her apartment. She went down the hall to another apartment and got an old man to come sit in our lesson. It was pretty funny because we have met the old man before. He wasn't a huge fan of ours.

We had a Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival)  at our ward this week. It was really fun and a lot of members invited friends that we were able to talk to. We also had some investigators there. Barbie was able to make it, but unfortunately David couldn't come. He and Barbie came to church yesterday, which was great. David has come to church every week since the beginning of July. We are also making good progress towards baptism with David. Barbie and David don't really want to move away from each other. They would prefer to get married, but there are a lot of obstacles in the way of them getting married. Barbie said something about keeping the commandments and being worthy for God's miracle when it comes that made us think she is warming up other ideas that can lead to David getting baptized.

We also had lessons with Megumi Shimai and Mibu Kyodai this week. They both want to be baptized but they don't want to commit to a date yet. We had our lesson with Mibu Kyodai at a cafe near his apartment and we taught him the first lesson. Elder Ludlow and I explained baptism to Mibu Kyodai and we asked him how he would feel if all his pains and guilt were washed away. He said he wants it. So we committed him to be baptized when he knows the church is true.

We have a newer investigator that is very prepared for the Gospel. His name is Goe and he is really interested in the Church. He committed to come to church this Sunday, read the Book of Mormon, and Pray everyday all in the first lesson. He will progress fast. We are looking forward to our appointment with him on Friday.

We had two companion exchanges this week. One with Gokiso Elders and one with Yokkaichi 1 Elders. Elder Schade and I worked together in Gokiso and we taught a college student named Takashi Kyodai about the Book of Mormon. He will read the Book of Mormon even though he is in America now. The exchange in Yokkaichi was great. I was able to do Kato Kyodai's baptismal interview and he passed! We also found a new investigator and a PI on the exchange. Good stuff.

That's the update this week. Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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