Sunday, September 8, 2013

ABC, 123, Baby You and Me

Hey, hey, ho, hiddle, hiya,

This week was another good one. We got to participate in Leadership Council, ZTM, and some service. My companion and I feel that our ZTM went great. We talked about being an Ammon Missionary because that is our focus as a mission now. We had every missionary rate themselves on how Ammon-like they are and how they can improve personally and in each companionship. We also talked about the power of the Lord being on our side.

We got two new investigators this week! One is a friend of Weijing Xuan named Ban. He is really interested in the Gospel as well and he came to Weijing Xuan's lesson on Monday. We watched the Restoration DVD in Chinese with them and they both felt the Spirit. Ban has a lot of great potential. The other new investigator, Rumi Shimai, has been a potential investigator for almost two months, but we just haven't been able to meet her. We were on our way back to the apartment last night and Elder Ludlow said, "Isn't there a PI near here?" So we went and visited her and she only had a little time. She told us to come back the next day. So we visited her this morning and our lesson went pretty well. Our investigator pool is pretty decent right now, but we're working hard to keep adding to it. We definitely talk to way more Japanese people than foreigners, but it about half of our investigator pool is foreigners. Hmm. Maybe we can get referrals, or something. Wish me luck.

Any who, we met with David and Barbie again! We haven't seen each other outside of church for at least two weeks, so it was good to follow up with them. We had a good discussion about the Atonement. We also were able to meet with Fukuda Shimai again this week. The lesson went pretty well and we talked about baptism, but she still has some concerns regarding it. The members we had there helped answer her questions a lot. It's so nice to have members at lessons. Megumi Shimai is doing well, but still just kind of the same old, same old. She does seem to have taken a liking to our tachiai for her lessons, Norihito Kyodai. He is very smart and always helps her understand things. Once again, members are great.

We were able to jump around to a lot of less-active members homes and share messages with them this week. We also visited Shito Kyodai, who was baptized in May. Lately his activity in the church has been a little spotty, but we shared a message and invited him to church. He was there for all three hours yesterday, so that was good. My companion and I decided we need to show him more love and help members make friendships with him.

We got to do service at the Fukutoku church on Friday and it went really well. There was some stupid crazy rain on Wednesday and the basement of the Fukutoku church flooded. Apparently the water was thirty centimeters high at one point. We had to tear up carpet, move furniture, and clean out gutters, among other things. All of the missionaries who participated worked hard and we were able to get things done quickly. The members even gave us some snacks afterward. It was fun to help out and get my hands dirty.

That's kind of our week. I'm still loving Gokiso and my companion. Missionary life is sick. Amen.

Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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