Monday, September 16, 2013

Tropical Storm Man-Yi


There is a tropical storm that's supposed to nail our mission pretty good today. It's pretty rainy so far but we've got a date with all you can eat parfaits. Stop that. Hopefully we can still dendo tonight, too.

We had a good week. We got a new investigator named Ryan. He is from Washington. We talk to a lot of Japanese people every day but it seems like the ones who become investigators the fastest are always Gaijin (foreigners). We have about half of our investigator pool as Japanese and the rest are Gaijin. Well Ryan is agnostic, so he believes in God but he's not sure if there is a true religion. We are going to talk to him about the Book of Mormon with him on Saturday.

Megumi Shimai came to church yesterday! We are focusing on her praying for her boss so she can have days off on Sundays starting in October. We also had a great lesson with Nilesh and invited him to compare the Book of Mormon to the Bible. He took a copy and said he will give it a look. Weijing is still in China, but we send him emails to read sections in the Book of Mormon. We are regularly meeting with a less-active member, Adachi Shimai, and Shito Kyodai, a recent convert, to continue to strengthen them. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with Adachi Shimai and the Hottas (members) bore their testimonies and brought the Spirit into the room. We watched The Testaments with Shito Kyodai but he didn't understand it very well. He said he wants to study with us more. He was also making some really good connections during Gospel Principles class yesterday.

I went on a comp exchange in Fukutoku, another ward in Nagoya, this week with Elder Waddell. He is the definition of fun dendo. He maintains a great balance of being 100% obedient, using his talents, working hard, and having fun. It was a good learning opportunity for the both of us. We also had a member appointment that the four sisters came to as well. We made potsickers (called gyoza in Japan) and shared Elder Waddell's favorite scripture, 2 Ne 2:25. I love dendo.

This week we have a Zone Conference with Elder Aoyagi. It should be sweet. We also have a good week lined up with appointments and such. Well, this one's a little shorter, but I hope you like it.

Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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