Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mozzah's Day

Hey hey ho ho hey!

It was so great to Skype home yesterday! My companion keeps saying how awesome my family is. I have to say I agree.

This week was fun! I went on an exchange in Nakatsugawa, helped teach Eikaiwa (English Class), and got some new investigators and a yakusokusha (person who is going to be baptized)!

Something funny I noticed this week. We live about a block away from an elementary school, so we hear the bells everyday during study time. The one that rings at 8:05 is that classical spring time morning theme. I wish I knew the name. But at about 3:00 a Mario theme plays! It`s awesome! It`s probably for recess or PE or something, but it`s super cool. I heard it play when we were having a late lunch one day. It is funny to hear all the different bells everyday.

On Wednesday nights, we get to teach English to Nihonjin at the church. We read a bit in the Book of Mormon and then listen to a song and have the students fill in words in the song. This week we listened to "I Gotta Feelin" by The Black Eyed Peas. It was hilarious because everyone was super frustrated by the end of the song. No one could understand what they were saying. Duarte Choro was thinking we should`ve chose a different song. I was just laughing to myself.

We met with a woman and her daughter this week. Ella (the mother) is a member, but hasn`t been to church in a long time. Her daughter wants to be baptized! They were at church yesterday! It is so cool! We have the baptismal date set for June 17, but we are going to try to bump it up a bit. They are rock stars!

We also met with a man named Raul this week. He is Bolivian, so he speaks Spanish. I thought I couldn`t understand Japanese.... Let`s just say I`m gonna need some time to get some Spanish under my belt. It`s good though, because my companion will translate for me and Raul knows that we are missionaries, what are purpose is, and he is interested in what we have to say. It`s so great.

On Thursday I went on another exchange. This time I traveled to the far away land of Nakatsugawa. It`s about a hour to an hour and a half to get there by train. It`s more country side-ish than Kasugai. The area is about twice the size of Kasugai too. I was with Farnsworth Choro and we helped a member clear an irrigation ditch so he can irrigate his fields. We found some crawdads and frogs while we were working. After we were done, Keiji Kyodai (the member we were helping) took us fishing. He is an avid fisherman, but we couldn`t get any bites. I would walk up to him and say "Do desu ka?" (How is it?). He would reply in a funny accent, "No bite." It was fun. After fishing, we taught Eikaiwa and had a meeting with the branch president. He is very cool.

On Friday and Saturday night we went to a bye-bye party for Hiroshi-kun. He leaves on his mission today. He is serving in Fukuoka. We had a lot of food and some good spiritual thoughts.

That`s pretty much my week this week. It was fast and fun. Hope yours was good too. Keep readin` those scriptures and keep fighting the good fight back home.

Ai shite imasu (I love you),

Elder Sanderson

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