Monday, May 28, 2012

Where has the time gone?


This week flew by. I don`t even remember half of it. Thus, this email may be short. The main highlight of this week was Zone Conference in Meito-ku, where the Mission Home is. There were three zones there. About some of my doki (new missionary group) was there. One was my MTC companion, Elder Koch. He is having a fun time in his first area. His trainer is a Korean that doesn`t speak much English. It`s an adventure for him. Elder "Fly guy" Jones was also there. His trainer used to be my trainer`s companion. Anyway at the training we were taught about being committed to the work. President Baird is one of the most powerful teachers I`ve ever met. When he calls on you, you can`t help but be nervous. He called on me when I was shaking my head in reply to his question, "Is being obedient our purpose?" He called on me and my heart jumped out of my chest. Just before President Baird`s talk, however, the Zone Leaders taught us that if we are doing the Lord`s work, working hard, and loving his children, then we will be inherently obedient. It`s pretty cool how blessed we are for obedience in our lives.

After the training, I went on another exchange to Seto. This time it was with James 長老 who is on his second transfer. It was an adventure for sure. We both don`t speak Japanese too well, so our FHE that night was interesting to say the least. We also went housing the next day and that was pretty cool. We both learned a lot.

This week I had to get the gears fixed on my bike, but the people did it for free because we go there so often. I also got a beasty new headlight and a sweet rear fender. My bike is rollin hot.

This week we had an appointment with an investigator, Imamura-san. She didn`t show up, but we had like 4 members there to help fellowship and such. One was Enami Shimai. She is the best missionary I have met. She converted her husband, her father, and constantly looks for missionary opportunities. We were waiting for the investigator and we told her that we were going to check her house because she lives close to the church. We went there and found the investigator in her car taking someone to the hospital. We ran back to the church and told Enami Shimai and she was really moved. She told us that even though we didn`t get to teach Imamura-san that night, Enami Shimai`s faith was still strengthened because we met Imamura-san and our prayers were answered. Duarte 長老 and I were blown away. It was so cool.

I got the Dear Elder. It took eight days to get here. So those are good to go if you wanna send stuff that way. I also got Megan`s graduation announcement. That took like seven days. Thanks for those, it`s fun to get real mail.

That`s pretty much it for this week. I gotta go too, so love you!


That says "Sandason Choro" It means 3 rice field village. I learned from a member.

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