Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Fourth of July?

Herro and wercome!

So on Wednesday at English class, one of the students said it was Independence Day in America. I looked at the date on my watch and said, "Oh, ya. It is." It doesn't have the hype being outside of the USA. I was describing our traditions for the Fourth of July and the students thought it was all very weird. I thought it was funny. The next day, I made those crazy good burgers for lunch. When I told Brother Hall that we had burgers, he said, "If you were blind in the north pole, you would kill a polar bear and rip a hamburger out of it because it's written in your DNA to eat a hamburger today." It was pretty hilarious. 

We helped Brother Hall load some Miatas (a car made by Mazda) into a container to go to Australia. It was fun.

We found a lot of new investigators this week. A Bolivian woman named Barbarita has been listening to our message and we invited her to our volleyball activity on Friday night. Barbarita's daughter, sister, and niece came to the activity as well. Their names are Hiromi, Madelene, and Michi respectively. They are all investigators now and all four of them came to church on Sunday. When Madelene asked Michi if she wanted to go to church, Michi said, "Ikitai!" (I want to go!) It was awesome. We have an appointment with them on Friday this week. 

We also found another man named Kun from Vietnam. His Japanese isn't very good yet, so we have to speak very simply. We have an appointment with him on Sunday. We were going to meet him yesterday, but He had a friend over. 
On Friday night we had a companion split with some members. I taught a lesson to Ito Megumi-san with Ina Kyodai and had an FHE with the Murphy family. Duarte Choro went to the volleyball activity with Nishimura Kyodai. It was a good learning experience for me and learn how to really take the lead in a lesson. 
I found out that everyone is a nerd in Japan. By American standards anyway. I know a woman who plays video games a lot and an 18-year-old who plays Yu-Gi-Oh. I fit right in! They also read a lot of anime comics. No matter the age. Pretty funny.
Sorry for writing so late lately. We have been "isogashii" (busy, BTW the kanji for isogashii means "mind dies"). I will try to get to emails earlier next week. 

Today we had an epic adventure! With the Mission President's permission, we went to Toyota Factory with an Eikaiwa student. It was soooooo cool. We felt like we were in the Star Wars movie when we were watching the robots weld the bodies of the cars together. There was also a robot that played "Over the Rainbow" on the trumpet. It was sooooo weird because we took an English tour, so all of the gaijin (foreigners) were there. I felt so uncomfortable with all the white people around me. It felt almost like I was breaking the rules to talk to them. I wonder if that's how I'll feel in two years when I come home.

We also saw some sumo wrestlers practice this morning. The national tournament started yesterday, so we have been seeing the wrestlers riding their bikes around Kasugai because the training arena is about 500m from our apartment. It was cool. Sumo wrestling is intense and they slam into each other sooooo hard! We also went to a Shinto shrine this morning. The Japanese are so Christian, but they don't know it. 
Love you all. Thanks for emails and letters. 
Sanderson Choro

This chair is actually a car

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