Monday, July 16, 2012

Movin' On Up

Movin' on up (Movin' on up)
To the east side
To that deluxe appartment in Nakatsugawa!

That's right ladies and gents! This bean is sprout legs and movin' to Nakatsugawa. I got the transfer call this morning. It was kind of surprising, but we expected changes. I am still in the same district, so the transfer won't be too hard. I also have gone there a few times on exchanges, so I know a lot of people there already. It's a bigger area than Kasugai, but it's a little cooler. I'm excited to go there and be companions with Farnsworth Choro. He is a great missionary, and a powerful teacher. I'm gonna miss Kasugai, but Nakatsugawa will be good for me. Duarte Choro is staying in Kasugai and he will be Gates Choro's companion. 

This week was good. I had two exchanges. One with Clark Choro in Seto and one with Burnett Choro in Kasugai. They were fun. While on my kokan (exchange) I read a talk in the Feb 2008 Ensign about living a balanced life. Every one who reads this email should read that talk. It's super good. We dendoed hard this week. One of our former investigators, Naomi, called us up on Friday and told us she wants to meet with us again. She had been going to another philosophical group and she said she doesn't like it as much and she came to church on Sunday. I hope she will see the truth of the gospel. 

On Friday, we tried to visit the Bolivian woman, Barbarita. I understood what she said to Duarte Choro! And she speaks Spanish! I understood "manyana" (I know that's spelled wrong), saw her shake her head, understood her say "domingo" and then "noche." I turned to Nishimura Kyodai and said "we can't visit her tomorrow, but Sunday evening is okay." It was the gift of tongues for sure! I was super excited. 

Well this week's email is kind of short. I'm sure next week's will be longer and my email will probably be earlier. God is great, gospel is true, I love you all.


Sanderson Choro

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