Monday, July 30, 2012

New Letter

What a week! Lot's of teaching, finding, working, and being a missionary. We found a new investigator yesterday. We forgot to ask her name, so we are calling her Yasashi-san. That means nice. We are meeting with her again this coming Sunday along with the Lucero family from the Philippines.
One member we did lessons with this week is named Kato Kyodai. He has been a member for just under a year and got his mission call to Kobe, Japan. He leaves in October, so we have been talking to him about becoming a missionary. He is also going to visit New York and then Utah on Saturday. He will be in America for a month. He's super good at English and he's really funny. I think he's about 25 years old.
This week we spent a lot of time with the Fuchino family. They aren't investigators, but they are way good potential investigators. We just need to build our relationship a little more with the father, so he will let us start teaching them. On Thursday, during English class I did interviews with the mom, Wu Ying. As you might guess by that name, she's Chinese. She teaches me a lot of Chinese like how to say my name and different words and things like that. She has a great sense of humor and she is really interested in the gospel. She also calls us missionaries "onisan" or "older brother" because we have such a good relationship with her 11-year-old son, Tatsuyuki-kun.
Small tangent, but I did interviews and she said she would like to take the lessons. Her husband said that he didn't have interest in the gospel and he's not okay with us teaching only Wu Ying and Tatsuyuki-kun. Hence we must strenthen our relationship with them. But they already treat us like they're members. They took us to a festival in Ena on Saturday night. It was so much fun. We watch a bunch of fireworks and ate some takoyaki and snowcones.
The way they do fireworks are cool. They do it over a lake, so there are boats with like two people on them and a million dollars worth of fireworks and they just anchor in the lake and torch up the sky. It was so cool to watch.
Yesterday at church I met a guy we call Jun-kun. He races cars. He was telling us that the night before he outran a cop and got away. He probably wouldn't have been at church if he didn't get away...
Yesterday we also had dinner at the branch president's house. His name is Jindo Kaicho (President Jindo). He built his own house in a year and it's a really big American style house. Which means it has carpet!!! I walked into his house and almost melted. He took us down to the basement (which also never exist in Japan) where it was very cool. He let us sit down and study and I passed out. He came in later and asked "Are you ready to eat?" I was out cold. He saw me and said "hey. Hey! HEY!" I didn't wake up. He kicked me and then I woke up, but I didn't know he was there. I turned and was like "oh, hello." I sat up and he started slapping my cheeks saying "Okinasai!" (Wake up!) I was like "I'm awake now." It was really funny. He is a very cool guy and his wife and mother are very nice too.
In other news, I caught a caterpillar today! I want to know if it turns into a moth or a butterfly, so I'm going to feed it cabbage until it makes a cacoon and see what happens.
Pictures are on the way too!
Thanks for the letters and emails. Love you all.

Elder Sanderson

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