Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Earth, Wind, and Dendo Fire


This week was great. We found two new investigators! My companion and I didn't want to 10x after visiting Ouchi-san, but we knew that meant that we should. We set some goals, said a prayer, and the first two doors became new investigators! God is great! One is a boy in junior high named Haseruka-kun and the other is a middle-aged man named Otsuki-san. Otsuki-san is actually a former investigator that moved and lost contact with the missionaries. It was a literal miracle that we found him!

I conducted a companionship exchange with Elder Perkins last week. It was really fun to be in Fuji together again. We were able to visit some investigators that hadn't been contacted since he left and now they are back in "the loop". We also had a good lesson with Inaba-san. He still wants to be baptized but his goal for the 17th of Feb kind of disappeared. He is super busy lately and we can't meet with him again until March. I asked him if he thinks the Gospel is important and he said, "Yappari, taisetsu desu ne." (Ya, it's important, isn't it?) I guess we just have to help him feel the importance a little more.

We had Zone Conference and found out we'll be having another mission conference in March with Elder Tad R. Callister and Elder Koichi Aoyagi of the Seventy. It's gonna be hot!

Today is my one-year-to-death day! Whoa! Where did that year go? We had transfer calls today, but no one in my district is transferring. Sister Hunt is going home tomorrow, but other than that it's just us six still. Hooray! Transfers are crazy sometimes.

So looks like things don't stop changing. I was stalking Elder Beau Sanderson's blog and saw he dropped some weight and looks down right studly now. That's what missions will do to ya, folks. Look at Evan. What, three months and engaged? Tell me that's not the Lord's work.

OK, ja, Bye bye!


Elder Sanderson

Nosredsan Redle

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