Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Been a Year?!

Dear Kazoku,

That means family. It doesn't feel like it's been a year at all. Now that I'm past the year mark by a few days it has set in a little more that I'm on the "downhill" slope of my mission. I put quotes on "downhill" because I want to improve everything as I get closer and closer to going home. Japanese, finding, teaching, working with members, etc.

 I had no idea that so many new missions were being formed. Nagoya mission's boundaries will not be affected at all by the creation of the Tokyo South mission, so I'll gratefully be a Nagoya missionary until I die. You heard about our new mission president too. Elder Yamashita is actually a member of the Seventy and he will be serving for only two years. But how cool is that?! Our mission President is going to be a Seventy! And he's Nihonjin!

I was on a companionship exchange with Elder Roney when we got the news about the new President and stuff. Elder Roney and I were agreeing that every new missionary went "Shoot." when Roney Choro and I went "SICK!" Japan Nagoya mission is gonna be pera pera (fluent) quick. Roney Choro and I had a fun exchange even though we had a little bump in the plans due to an umbrella getting caught in the spokes of Elder Roney's bike. But we managed to visit a less-active member, Ohashi Kyodai, before the day was done. Ohashi Kyodai has been coming to church a lot recently. He is progressing well.

My companion and I invited Ogasawara-san to baptism this week. She said she doesn't want to join the church, but if anything else, it helped us understand her situation and needs better. She also is praying every day this week and reading the Book of Mormon. Our lessons with Ouchi-san have been very good lately. He has been studying the doctrine very diligently and is committed to pray everyday to know if the church is true. We found another new investigator through 10x this week and we will visit her on Tuesday.

I had a really cool experience with Haseruka-kun this week. A little background info: he is probably 15 years old and when we found him, he said he is a little interested. We thought "Even a little is enough." We weren't able to meet him last week, so we just went to his house without an appointment. He answered the door and let us come in. We asked him if he read the pamphlet we gave him and he said that he liked it. It kind of surprised me. I ended up sharing a scripture about the purpose of life with him from the Book of Mormon (Alma 34:32) and gave him the Book of Mormon. He committed to read it and we got a return appointment. I tell ya, sometimes God is just too good. I believe God has prepared Haseruka-kun. I believe God is preparing the world.

Back to the note of General Authorities, we have an all-mission conference this Friday. Elder Tad R. Callister will be speaking. The mission is buzzing. I really feel like Heavenly Father just brought down some Gospel heat! I was talking to my companion recently about how Japan will probably be six missions for a while and then like three days later I get word of Tokyo splitting. cray cray!

We are part of the Lord's Kingdom. It's sweeping the earth and the hearts of men are being softened. This is the best thing that anyone can do for our Father in Heaven. You don't even need an official call to do it either! The Gospel is true and living and Heavenly Father loves His children.

Keep the faith and may the Force be with you.


Elder Sanderson

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