Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Red 5 Reporting In

Things change super fast! This past week went by fast, but looking back it seems like the span of a year. We had an emergency transfer in our district. An emergency transfer happens when companions don't get along, so they switch things around. The only person who transferred out was Prestwich Choro in Numazu. But I did an exchange with him on Tuesday, so it feels really weird that he transferred. This transfer's urgency wasn't as bad as some have been, but President Baird gave the okay on it, so stuff changed a lot. Prestwich Choro went to Nakatsugawa, Gillespie Choro went to Kasugai, Parra Choro went to Toyota, and Perkins Choro came to Numazu!! Perkins Choro is in my district!!!!!! Wooohooo, Yeah buddy!!!! I'm so stoked!!! Yesss!!!

This week was great. We got two new investigators. One, Watanabe-san, is a referral from Numazu. She has been taking discussions for about a month or so, but she lives in Fuji so switched to us. We had three lessons with her and she came to all three meetings of Church! The other new investigator is named Wada-san. Totally prepared for the Gospel. I asked her at her door if she ever wondered what the purpose of life was and she's like, "Ya, but I didn't find an answer." So we have an appointment to talk with her about that on Thursday. Things with Inaba-san have unfortunately slowed down since he set a bapt date, but we have another appointment on Saturday. Ouchi-san and Ogasawara-san are doing well and we're working on our other investigators.

So, I hear it's Super Bowl Sunday. I guess I'm gonna have to choose a side, huh? 49ers for old time's sake.

Well, this week will be good. My companion and I are making dinner for a member, a less active, and her potential-investigator boyfriend. We're having katsu curry with some fruit and strawberry parfait for dessert. It's gonna be sick. In other news, this week is Zone Conference. I'll get to see all my old district from back in Nagoya East zone. Well that's it for this week. Bye bye.


Elder Sanderson

P.S.  It was so warm this week. I wore short sleeves! It reached into the 20s! celcius, of course

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