Sunday, January 27, 2013

Email Jan. 27th


It was a good week! I ate some average quality Egyptian food and it cost me an arm and a leg! One Elder in our district has been sick for a couple days because of it. In other news, we had the most lessons this past week than we have had any other week of the transfer so far. We got an email from the Mission HQ saying that O Ryoku-san in Nakatsugawa has got baptized and confirmed this weekend! Yesssss! Elder Gillespie and I found that guy! He was so prepared and I'm so happy for him.

We had a fun district activity last week and we ate a whole roll cake by ourselves. It was about 2 and a half feet long and about six inches wide and 4 inches deep. It was a workout but it was tasty. I also got a sweet new watch. We had interviews with President Baird on Friday. It's kind of sad because I will only have one more interview with him before he and Sister Baird go home. I always love interviews with the President. Super cool.

Well I said I would send pics, so here we go. We got Roney Choro, Hunt Shimai and Fujisawa Shimai partyin' at sweets paradise. Some spam, Japanese style. I made some sick Katsu-curry. And a bar. Happy Birthday, Jill.

Well that's it for this week. Love you all.


Elder Sanderson
Happy Birthday Jill!!

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