Monday, January 14, 2013

The Subject Line is the Hardest Part of My Email

Hey there!

 Things are pretty great in Fuji! This past week we got a Yakusokusha! In English, a person with a baptismal date! Woohoo! His name is Inaba and he loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hadn't planned to invite him to baptism, but he accepted our invitation! It was pretty cool, when we talked about Baptism he said, "This stuff is pretty cool!" Then I asked him what he would think if he got baptized and he said, "Wouldn't be good?" So we invited him to baptism. The Spirit is working with him and changing his heart. His goal is set for February 17th. He and our new investigator we got this week, Sakaguchi-san, came to church. We also have appointments with both of them this week and a ping pong activity to fellowship the less-active youth in our ward. Oh ya, dendo!

 So, I said my companion was American, but he has a very Japanesey pallet. He likes all kinds of Japanese food. Usually the ones that us foreign-folk don't like. Remember the soy bean snot stuff? He loves that stuff. He also has some very American mannerisms too. He's adjusting really well to the field. He's really good at thinking about our investigators and how things apply to them. His dendo fire is intense too. I love it. He makes dendo very easy.

 So it appears as though I'm coming home early...but don't freak out because it's only by two weeks. The rush of missionaries has made it so next transfer cycle will be only four weeks instead of six. So I'll be headed home on the 11th of February, 2014, if my calculations are correct. I'll hit my year-to-death date before I hit my year mark on my mission. Crap, time flies. that's only like a few weeks away! Everyone was kind of freaking out when we heard about it at Zone Training. Two weeks just disappeared in a day. Insane.

I have a random question. Did our home stake presidency change? If it did, I didn't hear about it. Megan said something about President Elzey, but I don't know who that is exactly.

In other news, it was relatively warm this week. We were actually kind of hot on one day. But when the sun goes down, woowee! It gets chilly.

 This coming P-day (a week from now) we're doing a district activity. We do one every transfer and this transfer we're doing it in Fuji. Fuji is the central location of our district with Numazu to the East about 25km and Shizuoka to the west about 40km. We're gonna grab some food, hang out, and just chill on a P-day for a couple hours. I love district activities.

 Well there's the news. Good night and good luck.

 Love, Elder Sanderson

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