Monday, April 29, 2013

So I'm in Japan

It's been a year in Japan now. Good golly time flies. I say that a lot these days.

How is everyone? Things are going well in Fuji. We had a great Stake Conference yesterday and President and Sister Baird were the guest speakers. It was really cool. I learned a lot about conversion, which was the theme of the conference. It was really good. Ouchi-san wanted to come, but he had company coming to his house so he couldn't. Shucks.

We found a new investigator! Her name is Fukita-san. She studies with the Jehovah's Witnesses sometimes, so she said she would listen to us. We hit her with the Restoration and she seemed really interested. We had a prayer and got a return appointment and now she's an investigator. Yes!

We also visited Inaba-san. He was doing really well until recently he seems to just humor us with our visits. He doesn't keep commitments either, so we need to work with him more. Shimizu-san, an older woman who lives near the church finally met with us again. She likes the Book of Mormon and it took a little pushing, but we got her to pray. And she liked it! She said, "I want to pray when I read the Book of Mormon now." We were like, "Perfect, go for it." It was cool. I think that will help her start to progress a lot.

Mother's day is coming up, so you know that means I get to Skype! I will be on the computer at about 10:30 am here, which makes it about 7:30 pm there. Let's have a chat!

Well, things are going better and better here in Fuji. My companion and I went to a cool Matsuri (festival) the other day and I took a cool video of one of the performances. I'll attach pics of it and the Blues Brothers Diorama.

That's all for this week. Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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