Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Words o' The Prophets

We had a neat experience with OYM (Open Your Mouth, to share the Gospel) this week. Actually a lot of neat experiences. Elder Roney and I had a companion exchange on Tuesday and when we were riding the train we talked to a new college student. He wasn't giving us any ways to guide the conversation where we wanted it to go, so Elder Roney just said, "Well, we're missionaries and we talk about the church. Do you have a religion?" It was really cool because we started teaching him Gospel truths on the train, gave him a pamphlet, and said, "Let's meet again sometime." Later that afternoon we were going to an area that was a little far away so we set a goal to talk to 1-3 people along the way. Long story short, we talked to four people and found two potential investigators. And one of them had met missionaries before. We called him again and said we can meet sometime.

Then last night my companion and I were riding our bikes and we stopped at the crosswalk to wait for the signal to change. I looked at the couple next to me and made eye-contact with the woman, who said, "Hi." This wasn't a Japanese "Hai" it was a "Hello" kind of "Hi." I asked them if they spoke English and the man said yes and asked me where the Kappazushi restaurant was. I told him it was close to our church which was close by and we walked them there. They were from Singapore and Elder Suzuki and I talked to them about the Gospel and showed them our church. It was really cool.

We made contact with Wada-san again this week. It had been a while, so we reviewed lesson 1, renewed her commitment to read the Book of Mormon and pray, and set a return appointment for tonight. She is doing great. Unfortunately she has work on Sundays, so she couldn't make it to General Conference. We also dropped by Inaba-san's house on Saturday after Priesthood session for a lesson. He is always very nice and lets us in, but he doesn't exactly want to apply the Gospel to himself. He regularly sees Watanabe Kyodai, our ward mission leader, at the onsen and he has been to church. Inaba-san thinks the church and its members are great, but he doesn't want to keep commitments. We're still working on figuring out how the Gospel can change his heart.

Well, Mom asked about Fuji and President Baird. I think I'll be in Fuji one more transfer to finish Suzuki Choro's training but transfer after that. Where to I have no idea. President Baird goes home in July. Everyone misses him already. He is continuing strong and keeping us in line and helping us be better. We have interviews with him this Wednesday. Maybe our last, but maybe not.

Conference was great. I felt the Spirit so strong. Lots of talks were good. I liked President Packer's talk and President Uchtdorf's talk on Sunday morning. Like always Elder Holland didn't disappoint. It's so cool to have a living prophet and other men called of God to lead us.

Anyway, gotta wrap up. Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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