Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey there!

Two investigators came to church this week! President Baird gave a talk, so it was great. Ouchi san and Ogasawara san seemed to enjoy the meeting. Unfortunately Ogasawara san had to leave early, but Ouchi san enjoyed meeting President Baird. We hope Ouchi san felt something during Sacrament Meeting and we will follow up with him this week. I was also grateful that President Baird took some time to help us figure out how to get the work moving more effectively here in Fuji. I hope I leave it with a bang.

We met with Sakaguchi san this week, which put her back into the investigator pool. I hope we can hang on to her this time. She might be getting a little bit of hantai influence from her husband, though. We paid a visit to Shimizu san this week too. She has been a little under the weather lately, so it's kind of hard to meet with her. She is the only investigator that we don't have a set next event with right now. We're working on keeping her in the regular rotation.

This week I had a kokan with Elder Kuwahara in Fuji. We had a cool experience while doing our language study on top of the sea wall. A man named Kitagawa san walked up the stairs near us and we recognized each other. I said, "We've met before, haven't we?" He said, "You're Sanderson." Elder Roney and I found Kitagawa san on the street through opening our mouths about a month ago and Elder Kuwahara and I were able to talk to him for about 40 minutes. We have his phone number and he said we can meet again sometime, so we are going to call him this week.

Things are rollin' and burnin' out here. We have a district activity today at Shakey's in Shizuoka. They have Shakey's in Japan, too. This week is full with dendo at the college and Zone conference.

Sorry it's kind of short, but I gotta go. Love your faces!


Elder Sanderson

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