Monday, May 27, 2013

The Clock is Ticking

Well it's the beginning of my last week in Fuji. Maybe. That "maybe" is attached to everything as a missionary because we let Heavenly Father decide things around here.

This week we found another new investigator! His name is Higashi san, but he's Brazilian. His parents are Nihonjin, so he speaks perfect Japanese. He was born in Brazil, lived there until about fifteen years ago and then came to Japan. He doesn't have a religion himself, but he doesn't think that religion is a bad thing. We met with him twice last week and we've got another appointment on Friday. We also have our last appointment with Ogasawara san this week. At least until after the summer, that is. She has a summer house in Yamanashi prefecture (Tokyo Mission), so we can't meet. But hopefully we can help her to continue to read the Book of Mormon and meet after the summer. This prior Thursday we went and checked up on her Book of Mormon reading. She read 1 Ne 17 and connected it to 1 Ne 3 where the Lord prepares a way to keep the commandments. She is interested in and understands the Book of Mormon very well.

Ouchi san is slowly picking up more speed. I felt like Ammon when the Spirit helped me read Ouchi san's mind during our lesson. For lack of better expressions I'll just say it was awesome. Ouchi san has heard over and over that God loves him, but I could tell he didn't believe it. So I shared with him what Christ taught, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." We helped him understand that we can show our love, faith, and real intent through keeping the commandments. He made the resolve the obey the Word of Wisdom because he wants to know if God is real. It was a very powerful lesson.

I ate so much at Shakey's last week that I didn't need any food until I woke up on Tuesday morning. It was really fun. We also had a Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Ringwood of the Seventy and Asia North Area President. It was awesome. I have shook hands with three members of the Seventy now. He gave us some great insight on how to fulfill our potential. Sorry, I don't have time for too much detail. We also had a lot of fun visiting members this week because I'm leaving soon.

We biked about 30 km the other day to the College. Waste of time. The campus is about as big as AF High. No one was there. We did get to see a cool historical park near there, though. And I got a sunburn that will turn into a sexy tan. Well that's all for this week.

Love you all,

Elder Sanderson

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