Monday, May 13, 2013

Reporting in...

Elders Sanderson and Suzuki --Cracking up the Family for 2 hours!
Hey there. This is just a quick report of what's going on here in Fuji because I get to talk to you on Skype!

I've noticed this week that the Spirit is more present in our lessons than ever before now. I think Elder Suzuki and I are doing what we can to have the Spirit with us and be worthy of the Spirit. It has fulfilled the promise in PMG that our investigators understanding will be influenced by our worthiness. I have seen some big changes in a few of our investigators recently. Ouchi san is reading the Book of Mormon when he can and praying everyday. Ogasawara san is still reading the Book of Mormon and we committed her to come to church this week because President Baird is coming to Fuji ward. Ouchi san is also planning to come to church because he wants to hear President Baird's talk. We just are trying to get him to come to the other two hours as well. We are meeting with some other investigators this week who have a strong possibility of coming to church on Sunday as well. It is going to be great.

My companion and I taught Hirano Shimai's husband again yesterday. He prayed! It was really good. He feels a little pressured by all of the stuff, but I think he will realize that it's good stuff. Elder Suzuki and I will try to be less "all business" with him, but we are getting into a good back and forth in our lessons now too. We talked about how we could improve that during our companionship inventory last week.

Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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