Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hittin' the Road!!

So things are changing again. I'm transferring and I'm so excited to go to Gokiso with Elder Roney!!!!! When I heard I was going to Gokiso I was a little disappointed. Then Elder Sambongi (the AP) told me who my companion would be and I'm still buzzing because I'm so excited! I'll admit it's sad to say goodbye to another beloved area and beloved companion, but change is good. I'm ready for it.

I'll be Elder Roney's companion in Gokiso. We will white wash and we are both brand new Zone Leaders!! Luckily an Elder in our apartment has been a ZL, so we can ask him our questions. Roney Choro has been training Elder Gowans in Numazu (next door to Fuji, same district for 4 transfers now) but he's leaving his bean behind and heading to Gokiso with me. I'm so excited!!!!

We had some great miracles this week. The Shizuoka Elders ran into a former investigator from Fuji from about 30 years ago. He lent his Rubik's Cube to a missionary who broke it and threw it away, so he was pretty bitter about it and stopped meeting with the missionaries. Elder Suzuki and I contacted him on Saturday. Well, at first he wasn't home, so we were going to leave a note. As we finished writing Anamizu san (the man from 30 years ago) came walking up and said hello to us. We talked to him about the other missionaries, apologized where we could, and presented him with a brand new Rubik's Cube! He was so happy! He became an investigator and works at home so we can meet a lot. It's amazing how the Lord works and prepares people.

Sister Takahashi, in Fuji ward, brought her friend to church yesterday. She isn't quite an investigator and the things we talked about in church probably overwhelmed her, but she has potential to come again. I think she felt the Spirit during Testimony meeting. It was really great.

I told everyone that yesterday was probably my last Sunday in Fuji and it was kind of sad. Ogawa Shimai, the Bishop's wife, started crying when I gave her my business card. I was thinking "You stop right now!" because I was getting a little choked up too. I got the contact information of some great members here in Fuji, so I can keep in contact. Yay! It's been a privilege to serve here in Fuji. I love the people, the work, and the area.

We set a goal for 2-3 lessons everyday last week and we made it! Some days we had to do everything to hit just 2 lessons, but it was so worth it. A popular theme in the things I've studied this past week is that you have to claim your blessings. Heavenly Father pours out so many blessings when you work hard and do all you can to invite others to come unto Christ.

We had our last lesson with Ogasawara san this week. She is such a kinjin, but she doesn't want to join the church. That sounds weird, but she keeps her commitments, truly studies the Book of Mormon, and loves the Church. She is headed to Yamanashi ken for the summer, so we can't meet. But we put a note on her teaching record for the missionaries to contact her in September. Until then she will still read the Book of Mormon and she asked for our favorite parts so she can read them.

I definitely feel I am leaving Fuji in good hands with Elder Honda and Elder Suzuki taking the reigns. I fasted yesterday for Elder Suzuki to have a great follow up trainer. I'm so glad it's Elder Honda. He will be able to teach and help Elder Suzuki in ways I couldn't ever teach him. I'm looking forward to see what lies in store for those two here in Fuji.

Mom sent me pics of Jill's graduation. Congratulations, Jillian! Fun stuff. I looked at the pictures and said, "Holy crap, Dad, you're freakin' tiny!" If I can pick you up off the ground when I get home do I still get a car? Crossin' my fingers.

Things are very different as a missionary. The most adrenaline-rushed I get is when I'm waiting for transfer calls. I hope everyone is doing great. Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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