Monday, June 17, 2013

It's a Merricle

Hey there, family and friends.

We had a busy week. We had leadership council in Meito this week. All the Zone Leaders, Training Sister Missionaries, and APs receive training from President Baird. We talked about the mission changing because President Yamashita comes on July 1st. He will change some stuff, but only the words we use. All the stuff we do will be the same because it's all in PMG. President Baird told us to focus on the things that will be the same and to never say "Well, President Baird said this..." or "President Baird didn't do it like that." I am looking forward to the new mission President. He will be great.

Later that night, Elder Roney and I had our first Stake Missionary Coordination Meeting with the Stake Presidency. President Baird was there, too. We kind of had no idea what to do, so President Baird took the lead. It was blistering hot that day and we were in suits, so we were unpleasantly sweaty when we got to the meeting. The Stake President hugged us anyways.

On Friday, Elder Roney and I had to conduct Zone Training Meeting for the first time. Our whole zone (31 missionaries) and the APs were there. It was a little nerve racking but I felt the Spirit speak through me and my companion to train our Zone.

In other news, we are still meeting with Shito Kyodai regularly. He is a recent convert and is doing well. He comes to church every week and is reading and praying more regularly. I don't know for sure if he reads everyday though. We have finished lessons 1-3 after baptism and finished lesson 5. We meet with him today and plan to focus on the commandments, specifically prayer, scripture study, and keeping the Sabbath day holy in order to strengthen his commitment to live the Gospel.

We found two new investigators this week. We went to Meijo University on Saturday, but not too many people were there. We were looking for some advisers to talk to about English class. We met one adviser who had been to America twelve times and had visited Temple Square. He seemed to like us and helped us get our foot in the door for helping with English programs. He also said we can come back anytime. Afterward we were looking at the campus map near the main entrance and a young man walked up to us and asked what building we were looking for. He asked in Japanese and then asked in English. His name is Yuta and he wants learn about the church and come to Eikaiwa and he lives near the church. We asked him if we could meet and share a message about God and he said, "Onegaishimasu." We will meet with him after Eikaiwa this week and we gave him a pamphlet to look over. Elder Roney showed him the section about prayer and we were able to pray with him right there on campus. It was a pretty awesome miracle.

The other investigator, Takahashi Kyodai, lives in an apartment across the street from Meijo University. We asked at the kekko box if we could share a pamphlet with him and he came out to the door. We were able to talk about prayer and God and set an appointment for Wednesday night. Before we left we had a prayer with him. He seems pretty interested in religion and made time for us in his really busy schedule, so I'm optimistic about meeting with Takahashi Kyodai.

On Saturday night we played ping pong for a YSA activity. It was fun, but I got my keester handed to me by a boxer from New Zealand named Bubba. That sounds so made up, but it's 100% true. There is a family from New Zealand in our ward and they are all massive. Bubba is probably 275 pounds of pure muscle. His brothers aren't as brawny, but they're still huge. They are stupid good at Ping Pong, too.

I had a very Spiritual experience at church yesterday. Jillian said in her email to me that church feels like home no matter where you are. It's true even in Japan. I was learning about the Kirtland temple in Priesthood and the Spirit testified to me of the truth of God's work and church. The Spirit also testified to me of the reality of the visitations and visions that happened in the Kirtland temple.

Well that's all, folks!

Love you all,

Elder Sanderson

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