Monday, June 24, 2013

I Don't Have a Witty Subject Line This Week

Hey, hey, heyya, famiry!

We had Zone Conference this week. It was the last one with President and Sister Baird. It was a tear-jerker for sure. President Baird told us we have to get in contact with Sister Baird on Facebook within twenty-four hours after we get home. It was pretty funny. We had some good training from them during the conference. President Baird had us set goals for what we want out of our companionship, our mission, and our lives. Then we shared with our companions after the conference was over. It was pretty neat. I'm gonna miss the Bairds a bunch, but I'll see them on "the other side".

Anyway, we were very busy this week. We had two kokans (companion exchanges) with district leaders. The first one was with the Yokkaichi Elders. I stayed here in Gokiso and Elder Yamamoto was with me for a day. Elder Yamamoto is from Saitama (closer to Tokyo) and he has only been in the field for three weeks. Apparently he was told by the Brooks Family in American Fork, UT to say hi to me right before he went into the MTC. So thanks, Brooks family. On the kokan we had some plans fall through, but we kept busy by opening our mouths as we traveled. We would stop and talk to someone and then switch who was leading as we rode bikes. It gave us equal opportunity to follow the Spirit and to improve our OYM skills. It was really fun and I noticed how awesome of missionaries we have these days.

We had a kokan with Elder Takabori and Elder Wheeler in Inuyama this week as well. I went to Inuyama with Elder Takabori and we taught Eikaiwa. The Eikaiwa in Inuyama is pretty slick. They have a beginner class, intermediate class, and a "No English" level class for one man who doesn't know any English. The four Elders there run a tight ship. Elder Takabori and I were able to teach a woman about the Restoration with a member the next day. She became a new investigator this week. She might take some time, but I think the Gospel will ultimately change her life.It was neat because Elder Takabori and I came to Japan at the same time, so we're good buddies. Elder Jones who was in my MTC district and Elder Tsukamoto who was one of my beans in Fuji are the other companionship in Inuyama. It was like one big happy reunion.

By way of other celebrations, Megumi Shimai came to church yesterday.  She came to church for her second time ever yesterday. She really enjoyed it and we meet with her on Saturday this week. We have a pretty busy week ahead of us because Elder Roney has to go to the doctor, we're going to go do some College dendo, and we've got the Lord's work to do.

I played softball for a ward activity on Saturday night. Bubba was there. He sent one of the softballs on top of the middle school we were playing behind. It was a lot of fun, but some of the people were way too serious for it being just a ward activity. I played outfield for a good part of the game, so my legs definitely got a working.

We had a really fun district activity last P-day. We went to a huge mall that covers probably two square kilometers called Osu Kannon. It was way fun and I got some cool stuff. I snagged a sick watch for way cheap and ties were $5. We were all over that.

This past week was Elder Benzon's birthday and we celebrated it like ten times. Okay, just three, but it was a lot of fun. We had a fun party after Eikaiwa, then on his birthday we made pancakes, and today we went out to eat. I really enjoyed his birthday. ;)

Well, that's the news. Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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