Sunday, August 12, 2012

Partyin' partyin' partyin' YEAH!

Heh anyone know that one ^^?

We visited the Mizuno family this week again. We talked about following the example of Jesus Christ and living to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. We don't have an FHE with them tonight because they are out of town. On that same Monday we visited the Mizuno family, we also visited Ito-san. We haven't been able to teach her for a while because of medical problems that her husband is having. It was nice to meet her and also go over there with Watanabe Shimai and Jindo Kaicho. They expressed their love and concern for Ito-san. We hope we can meet with her again this week.

On Tuesday, we went to Takayama to teach some Boy Scouts at the Camporee there. We talked to about 150 scouts. Jindo Kaicho came with us and he was feeling the dendo fire as he testified of truths to those people. It was a great opportunity to plant seeds in the hearts of those people. Thursday, at Priesthood Executive Commitee meeting, we made a large list of less-active and part-member families we are going to help. Jindo Kaicho began immediately the following Friday after we visited Tachiki-san. We visited two members on Friday to talk about bringing their family members to church and helping them receive the gospel.

We also visited our newest investigator, Tachiki-san. It was our second visit with her. We taught about the Savior's Earthly Ministry and The Great Apostasy. We had a lot of help from Jindo Kaicho clarifying the things we were saying and the things that apply to her. We tried really hard to help her see how Christ's teachings can help her.

When we visited Tachiki-san on Friday, Farnsworth Choro was praying that she would understand what we taught. He meant to say "rikai suru" which means "comprehend." Instead he said "rikon suru" which mean "to divorce." So we accidently prayed for our investigator to get a divorce. Oops. She still agreed to meet with us, so I think she got what we meant. Funny stuff though.

On Saturday, we were able to contact a nearby less-active family, the Hosoe family. They are very nice and we talked to them for about twenty minutes and invited them back to church. That night we had a Gyoza Party with the Fuchino family. (Gyoza are pot-stickers, they're called jozu in Chinese) It was way fun because Wu Ying invited her Chinese friends over to teach us how to make them. They were really good. Afterward, we played around with their son, Tatsuyuki-kun. He is an only child, so it's really fun for him to hang out with us. We were fighting with the pillows on the couch and he would try and block the pillows, but with the two of us he just would start laughing too hard. Then he would just lay on the couch and we would still be wailing on him with the pillows. It was really fun.

This week we made a Banana cake three different times. It's a way easy recipe and it cooks in a rice cooker! Perfect! We made it once for us, once for the scouts, and once for the Fuchino family. It's tasty. In other food news, I made burgers again this week. Oh, man, were they good. On Friday one of the members we visited gave us each a watermelon. We cut a hole in the top and hollowed them out like pumpkins. We have eaten a lot of watermelon this weekend. But yesterday, we carved faces into them and now they are sitting in front of our appartment. They are actually a good way to strike up a conversation with some one, too.

Yesterday, Farnsworth Choro caught a cicada and stuck it in the fridge until it fell asleep. Then he tied a string to it and stuck it on our balcony to fly. Once it warmed up enough it tried to fly away and just hit the end of the string and stopped. It did it a couple of times but then I think it tore off it's legs and got free...

Well there's your big weekly report to make up for the shorty last week. Oh one more thing. It's Nakatsugawa's matsuri this week! (That means festival) Yesterday we watched fireworks and tonight we're gonna watch the parade and go have some fun. I'll make sure to send pics next week.

The Gospel is true, The Book is blue, and I love you.


Elder Sanderson

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