Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Months

Hey all!

I guess this marks six months for me. It's not officially til Wednesday, but I don't email on Wednesday. Anywho, the matsuri last Monday got rained out, so there was no parade. We did get to go to the little booths and stuff, though. I ate a beastie crepe roll-up fruit thing and a choco covered banana. It was tasty. 

We got two potential investigators and a new investigator this week! We biked a couple Kilometers near a less-active member we were going to visit and did some housing there. The neighbors are really nice and it was blistering hot, so they gave us fruit and drinks. Farnsworth Choro was saying it's like that part in D&C where the missionaries will be provided for. It was pretty cool. We also met with a woman named Kojima-san. She is a friend of Jindo Kaicho's and we taught part of lesson 1 to her and now she is an investigator! Woohoo! Hard work + faith = miracles. Remember that one, kids.

That day was full of dendo with Jindo Kaicho. We visited two less-active members and had two investigator lessons with him.

On Thursday, we got to work in Abe Shimai's field. She has a plantation of tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, pumpkins, and more. We were mowing the grass around the fields, but not with your average mower. In Japan they use a device similar to a lawn trimmer with the vinyl thread, but instead of the thread, it has a saw blade. Like a circular saw blade that brings doom to any frog that decides to jump out of the grass at the wrong time. We got a pretty good sunburn that day.

This week there was an emergency transfer in my district. Our district leader got transferred to Ogaki, so Elder Burnett, who used to be in Nakatsugawa, took his place in Seto. Since our district leader got transferred, my companion is the new district leader for the rest of the transfer. This week at District Meeting, President Baird came. It was so fun to have him there and participate.

Saturday was awesome! We had kids English class in the morning and in the afternoon we visited Ito-san. She is an investigator who we haven't been able to visit in a long time because of her husband had some health problems. Well he passed away this week, so that's kind of sad. But now it opens up Ito-san's schedule and she wants to meet a lot. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Saturday afternoon/ evening we had a BBQ! It was fun and we had some good food. We also played basketball with some kids at the park. They wanted to play us two verses the 8 of them. We won. I think we had the foreigner fear factor on our side, though. Later, we played soccer with some of them too. The Fuchinos came to the barbecue and so did some other less-active members.

This week we went to an imported goods store. Guess what I found. Taco Seasoning! I looked at my companion and he said, "We need that!" So this week we whipped up some super good taco rice. Lettuce, cheese, tomato, the whole nine delicious yards.

Well that's pretty much it for this week. I can't believe it's been six months already. This is the last week of this transfer too. Holy moley time flies! Hope you are all livin' it up in the good light of the Gospel. Love you all.


Sanderson Choro

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