Sunday, September 23, 2012


Heyya, kazoku! (That means family)

So things were a bit crazy this week. We had to drop some investigators and also got dropped by some other ones. I guess it's time to trust in Heavenly Father. Not that I am having trouble with that, but sometimes we need a reminder.

We were blessed to find a new investigator through 10x-ing a former investigator we visited. Her name is Joanne. She is from Manila, Philippines. She is Catholic and is married to a Nihonjin. We shared our testimony about and a message from the Book of Mormon. When we gave it to her, she said, "I will read this." We set a follow-up appointment for yesterday, but when we went there we found a note taped to the door. It explained that her mother-in-law has become ill and they have to go to Fukuoka for a few months. She also said she will read the Book of Mormon in the mean time. It was kind of a punch in the gut. But later that night we went to 10x an appartment next to her house and found her outside! We stopped and talked to her and she told us the whole details of the situation. We got her phone number and gave her ours, so we will definitely stay in contact. We also offered to help her get in contact with the missionaries in Fukuoka while she is living there. It was nothing short of a miracle.

That's like the main highlight of this week. Other than that, it was a lot of finding and praying and studying. Which are all great things to do. The cool thing about finding Joanne was that the night before when we were planning the next day, Gillespie Choro and I didn't feel too confident in our plan to just go knock doors in a random area. It was probably one of the only times where the Spirit definitely said, "That's not right." We had no idea what else to do, so we called our District leader, Dunn Choro. He suggested visiting a former investigator and 10x-ing. And that's how we found Joanne! Just goes to show, following the counsel of your leaders brings blessings.

We got a lot of good less-active member dendo in this week with Jindo Kaicho. We have also changed our regular events around so we have more dendo time at night. Which means more people will be home when we go housing. Good deal. Yep working hard, having faith, seeing miracles.

This week we had some taco rice again. And more burgers. We also had our first bowl of real, non-instant ramen. It was way good.

Tomorrow President Baird is coming to Nakatsugawa to dendo with us! I'm a little nervous, but super excited to have President Baird as our companion for a day. I'll make sure to write about it next week.

Well that's it, folks. Love you.


Elder Sanderson

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