Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey there,

So this week was a good one. We got to dendo with President Baird on Tuesday and, man, was it awesome! It was just what we needed here in Nakatsugawa. Literally the first man we talked to at the door became a new investigator. His name is Ishida-san. He is doing well and we have met him almost every day this past week. President Baird taught us principles of how to set a plan and goals together then asking Heavenly Father for help with them. It was amazing to see the miracles that resulted throughout the week. Our potential investigator list has literally doubled.

We have been dendo'ing a lot more effectively since Tuesday and it makes me wonder why I didn't do it before. I plan on working this way for the rest of my mission.

So, our investigator list is a little short right now, but we're working hard and President Baird's training is definitely going to help us with it. Right now we have Ishida-san and Kojima-san. Right now we've got appointments with both, so that's good.

This week I learned an interesting Japanese tradition. When someone loses a tooth, they either bury it or throw it on their roof. If it's from their top gum line, they want it to grow down into their mouth well, so they bury the baby tooth. If it's from the bottom gum line, they throw it onto their roof. A little girl lost her tooth at our Kid's English class, so that's how I learned it.

Yesterday the former Tokyo Temple President, Fukuda Kyodai, came to our branch. He also happens to be Japan's first male, native missionary. He stayed at Jindo Kaicho's house for Saturday and Sunday night, so we got invited over for dinner last night. It was so much fun and Fukuda Kyodai told us stories about his mission. The Relief Society in our branch sang "Love is Spoken Here" during sacrament meeting yesterday, too. It was cool to listen to the lyrics in Japanese. Words work different in Japan, so sometimes in Hymns they have to be more concise with the way they say things. It makes it really powerful though. Man, I love Japan!!!!

Well that's kind of it this week. Hope your week was good! Love you all.


Elder Sanderson

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  1. The title of this email in Japanese is: I love Japan!!!