Sunday, December 30, 2012

And A Happy New Year

It's New Year's time! That means making Mochi and partying! We had a mochi tsuki on Saturday with our ward. We smashed some rice up in a huge wooden bowl made from a tree stump with a big wooden hammer. It was really fun. I was the guy who scooped the rice back into the middle of the usu (bowl) and Perkins Choro was smashing rice with the kine (hammer). It was a lot of fun, but sticky and messy. We are going to a members house today to do it again too! Fun stuff here in Japan!

Our week was kind of slow with the Holidays, but we met with Ouchi-san again. He really enjoys the Liahona we gave him. He is doing well and we have another appointment with him on Saturday. Things will probably pick up this week because we got some potential investigators last week and everyone has time off for Shogatsu (New years).

We got word that Elder Perkins is transferring. I am really sad to see him go. He has been one of my best companions. I will be a trainer again. So I don't know who my new comp is yet. Elder Perkins is transferring to Toyota and he will be companions with my MTC companion, Koch Choro. My world is changing again. :)

Recently we have been doing the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) as a mission and it is very cool. President Baird also gave us specific instructions on how we should implement it into our personal study. Everyday we read a little bit of 2 Peter 1 and I found something really cool in verse 19 this past week as I read it. It talks about letting the "day star arise in your heart." I wasn't sure what the day star was so I went to Revelation 22:6-16, one of the footnote references. In verse 16, Christ says that he is the "morning star." I was thinking this past week about how I can let the day star arise in my heart. It's awesome that we have so much revealed truth in our day. I would encourage everyone who reads this email to study 2 Peter 1 and think about how he or she can become more Christlike. One thing that I have felt throughout this transfer as we've been doing the ARP, is an added measure of the Spirit. I have also felt the Atonement's influence in my life more fully. It has also helped me understand more of how to help the investigators here and also my fellow man.

Being a missionary is awesome, but it goes way too fast. I'm on the first day of my 7th transfer. I hit my year mark at the beginning of next transfer. It's insane. This truly is the Lord's work and He is guiding it in every land. I know Heavenly Father loves His children and I am so grateful to be a part of this work.

Well, love you all.


Elder Sanderson

Igloo Fun Fetti Cake I Made

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